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Deep Tissue Facial Massage(Kobido) by Skincoach Beata

A few years ago as I was creeping closer to 50, I began to research natural ways to take better care of my skin. I was already using rosehip seed oil and other natural cosmetic products but was curious what else was out there to go deeper into revitalizing and renewing. So I booked an appointment with a local skincare salon hoping they could provide some answers...what I discovered was one EXCEPTIONAL answer! Deep tissue facial massage, also known as Kobido.

Kobido is a Japanese massage technique that works on the facial muscles as well as all of the facial tissue layers. Kobido starts with an energizing phase, stimulating the acupressure points of the face, and finishes with a lymphatic draining (sliding movements) to get rid of toxins.

The technique is a mix of fast and slow hand movements to improve deep circulation of the face, neck and upper chest area. Massaging with different speed levels is essential because it works to destroy dead skin cells while also assisting to increase elastin and collagen production. It truly creates a real rejuvenation effect: wrinkles are smoothed, volume is restored and skin is brighter. After the1st session I saw immediate results! But not just results with wrinkles, glowing skin, or better elastin, it also helped tremendously with my TMJ(jaw tension) which is now virtually gone. In addition to Kobido massage, Skincoach Beata offers an intra-oral Buccal massage, which is a massage technique that specifically targets drooping of the jowl area.

Beata uses Roots Botanica's Essential Face Oil for the Kobido & Buccal massages, as well as offering it for sale in her salon.

And in addition to the Kobido & Buccal massages, she offers facials, masks, eyebrow maintenance and more services.

Beata Teclaw Ter Beek has trained with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki in Japanese Kobido massage technique as well as with Mr. Yakov Gershkovich in facial fitness sculpting/intra-oral Buccal massage. She is located at Wilhelminasingel 92 in Maastricht

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