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Getting back to my roots

On the cusp of turning 50 I found myself yearning for a new path and through a series of events, stumbled upon the world of herbology, aromatherapy, and natural skin care. Having a mother as a Naturopathic Doctor and a husband as a TCM practitioner, herbal medicine has always been used in our home.  But somehow a new fire was lit in me to discover using herbs and botanicals in a new way.  

After intensive studies I offically became a certified natural and organic skin care formulator and Roots Botanica was born. The most important factors when formulating are the quality and integrity of the ingredients which translates to pure and natural botanicals, the use of organic and ethically sourced essential oils, and the use of only all natural preservatives(when needed).  My hope is to continually introduce new formulations highlighting the healing power of Mother Nature. 


I am an American expat living in Maastricht, The Netherlands with my Dutch husband, 2 beautiful children, and 2 dogs.


Small batch skincare focuses on making natural, sustainable and higher quality products in limited production to ensure freshness of the ingredients.  Smaller batches are made more frequently as opposed to factory produced products that then sit on the shelf longer before purchase.

Not only are our products derived entirely from plants but we also value the importance of potent botanical extracts in our formulas.  

All of our products are handmade in a small lab in Maastricht, The Netherlands.  When you buy handmade products you're supporting the local economy and local artisans.

We use 100% certified organic essential oils distilled in the south of France in all of our products.

Essential oils have a vast array of wonderful properties in skincare from being anti-inflammatory to regenerative, to providing antioxidant benefits. 

We comply with IFRA allergen safety guidelines to ensure the correct concentration is used.  All of our product labels will state if there are sensitizers from the essential oils.   Most people do not have these sensitivities, but if you do please consult your physician for guidance.  

Our products are created without using any ingredients derived from animals, including animal bi-products.

+ always strive to use organic and eco-friendly ingredients when possible and to continue to source more of these

+ thoughtful packaging which translates to use of glass containers with minimal plastic & products not housed in boxes

+ re-use of paper packaging and filler in shipping.  

+ ethically sourced essential oils, namely Sandalwood from the Northern Territory of Australia

+ Beginning January, 2023, quarterly donation of 1% to Tree Sisters to aid in reforestation across the globe.

+ handmade, small batch products, which use less energy to produce

+ locally made and locally sold with a local pick up option, minimizing postal delivery

Sustainability practices

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