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Healthy Gut/Healthy Skin-by Charlotte Van Loo

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Your skin will only glow as much as your roots are healthy. Nothing can grow on a poor foundation, including your health.

Our fragile eco-system on the outside shows how it’s related to our inner system. Where plants and

animals have difficulties growing, humans cannot thrive either. And this will show on the

outside, on your skin.

We see more and more similarities between the state of the soil and the state of our

microbiome. It all comes down to the same thing: a healthy living creature needs a healthy


So how can we ‘feed’ our microbiome, and thus health and skin form the inside?

First of all the sun is super important to be able to produce vitamin D. If your eyes detect the

sun, the nerves in your brain transfer messages to your hormones to start working. If you

wear sunglasses, the message won’t come through and your skin is not protected as well.

Pre- and probiotics should also be a major part of your diet. Adding fermented foods, for

example sauerkraut or kimchi to your meals will enhance your digestion. And this is

something not may people know: digestion is the key to health!

It is not only what you eat, but mostly if you can ‘tap in’ to all the nutrients in your food. If

food is broken down correctly in your digestive tract, you will not experience flatulence,

bowel irritation or other unpleasantries.. and you will absorb every micronutrient.

Foods that support a healthy gut are bone broth, resistant starches, sourdough bread, well

soaked and/or sprouted grains and beans, yoghurt, healthy fats(such as grass-fed butter),

virgin olive and coconut oil, fermented drinks such as kombucha and water kefir, and raw cheese.

If you cannot absorb nutrients through your gut, the body will need to steal nutrients from itself to be able to perform the most basic tasks such as breathing and nourishing the organs.

This process can go on for several years before you ever notice deficiencies. But by then, it will

take an enormous effort to rebuild your gut AND your health.

Charlotte Van Loo, formerly the owner of the successful Broth Bar in Maastricht, studied Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition and through these studies discovered just how beautifully the body indicates what it needs. In her book, Echt Leven Door Echt Eten, Charlotte offers her knowledge and practical tips, as well as her most delicious recipes from the Broth Bar days.

She now lives a self-sufficient lifestyle in Spain with her husband Ralph, dog Donnie, and several chickens.


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