Sustainability practices

In addition to creating all natural formulas, I strive to be sustainable and eco-friendly.  Roots Botanica formulas are created with organic and eco-friendly ingredients where possible and I continually work to source more and more organic and sustainable ingredients.  The products are sold in glass or aluminum containers which can be upcycled by the customer or recycled in a more sustainable manner than plastic.  I believe that packaging each product with its own box is an unnecessary step.  What is the 1st thing a customer does when buying a new skin cream and opening it?  Throw away the box!  I skip that step.   When it comes to essential oils, I find it very important to use organic when possible and most importantly to source sustainable and ethical botanicals.   Sandalwood is an essential oil that is highly prized but has been exploited and produced in an unethical manner. I source Sandalwood from the northern territory of Australia that comes with an assurance of sustainable and ethical practices.  And lastly, I re-use paper packaging and filler whenever possible in shipping.