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  • Full Skincare Sample Set
  • Full Skincare Sample Set

Full Skincare Sample Set

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The sample sets have been very popular so we will continue to offer soon!


Try Roots Botanica's full skincare line in a mini sample set.  For best results use each product in the set as a full skincare routine.  It typically takes 28 days for your skin to regenerate and as we age that number increases.  For 50+ the regeneration time can be 40+ days.   The sample set will give you an idea of the texture, scent and skin feel of the products as well as how they may react to your skin.   Please note that to see true and lasting results, it is recommended to purchase and use the full size for atleast 30 days.


1st step

Hemp Cleanser (5ml)

2nd step

Nourshing Eye Gel (3ml)

3rd step

Neroli Hydrating Mist (5ml)

4th step

Essential Face Oil (5ml)

5th step: 1x per week use either of the 2 exfoliants:

Citrus Face Polish (3ml)

Tulsi-Rose Activated Mask (2.5g)


See individual products for details on use and the ingredient list of each.


In keeping with sustainability practices, the glass containers would be great to re-fill as a weekend travel set!